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The tapping machine HD 2040 is a normalized impact noise generator for the measurement of sound insulation of floors according to ISO 140-6, ISO 140-7, ISO 140-8, ASTM E492 and E1007.

It has 5 hammers in line driven by a motor controlled by an electronic system, by means of camshaft. The rate of fall of the hammer and the frequency of the impacts are constantly monitored to ensure compliance with the legislation. LED indicators on the front panel indicate the proper functioning of each hammer, detected by an optical sensor.

The hammers are made of stainless steel, hardened and dimensionally stable over time.
The unit is equipped with support feet with height-adjustable rubber base. On the back cover a spirit level gauge is mounted to assist the user to obtain vertical fall direction. The spacer enters the home with light pressure, you pull to remove it. The starting and stopping of the machine is via a front panel button or remotely using the supplied remote control.

The antenna is screwed to the connector on the top of the unit and it has to be unscrewed it to store the unit in its case. Mains power supply 100 … 240 VAC or rechargeable lithium-ion battery housed inside the unit. The charger is built; the battery recharges automatically when the machine is connected to the network. The aluminium frame reduces the weight of the machine and makes it easily transportable.
A spirit level on the cover of the machine allows you to position it perfectly horizontal plane.
The inside of the lid of the machine is treated with sound absorbing material.