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WaterWatch 2950 Sensor - Organic Pollutant Monitor (PARTECH)

WaterWatch-2950-Organic-PolThe WaterWatch2950 analyser has been especially designed for the measurement of Organic Pollution. The system features dual processor technology to produce real time measurements from the absorption sensor. The two displays offer a large easy to read LED and a two line LCD for notification of alarms and other instrument functions.


Instrument Specification

Operating Principle : 254nM Absorption
Pre-treatment : Batch settlement (sludge only)
Receiver type : Scanned dual wavelength
Light source : Xenon strobe
Source life : 30,000 hours typical
Supply current : 50 mA nominal
Cleaning : Mechanical wiper
Packaging : IP68
Reagent use : None
Sample capture : Continuous or diverted flow

The transmitter/Controller is housed in an IP65
enclosure with membrane keypad. Connections are via
a separate terminal enclosure. Measurement by 254nM
absorption method
Range : 0 - 100 or 0-1,000 mg/l
Resolution : 1 mg/l
Accuracy : +/- 10% reading best 5 mg/l
Calibration : Two point standard solution
Diagnostics : Calibration checks
Sample flow fail : Digital input
Signal : Amplified at sensor DC
Voltage : 240/110VAC or 12/24VDC
Processor : High speed 8 bit EPROM
Analogue I/P : +/- 12 bit resolution
Analogue O/P : 12 bit 4-20mA isolated
Alarm Relays : 2 off relays 5 amps 12VDC
Data Logging : Optional via serial port
User configurable wiper frequency. Autocal can be called from the keypad at any time.
Peristaltic pump sampling system for waste water applications.