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Turbi-Tech 2000LA Suspended Solids Sensor (PARTECH INSTRUMENTS)

Turbi-Tech-2000LA-SuspendedThe Turbi-Tech 2000LA Sensor uses Infrared Light at 860 nm and operates using the Light Attenuation Principle. The optics are housed in cylindrical glass tubes that are moved past a set of polyurethane wipers seals to carry out the cleaning process. The cleaning mechanism is then sealed by 2 Nitrile ‘H’ Rings that finish the cleaning process. The Nitrile seals can be exchanged for Viton if the process media dictates.


Weight : 2.2 kg (inc 10 metres of cable)
Dimensions : 80 mm diameter x 470 mm long
Enclosure Rating : IP68
Enclosure Material : Black Acetal Co-Polymer
Cable Entries : Integral Cable Gland
Wetted Parts : Black Acetal, 316 Stainless Steel, Glass
Seal Material : Polyurethane and Nitrile (Viton option)
Cable Type : 6 core, 9mm O/D Polyurethane Coated
Cable Length : 10 metres standard, 100 metres maximum
Service Requirement : Automatic Self Cleaning
Seal Service every 3500 cleans (application dependent)

Environmental Data
Operating Temperature : 0 to 50°C
Storage Temperature : -20 to 60°C
Location : Indoor/Outdoor

Power Supply
Voltage : 12VDC from 7200 Monitor

Interface to Monitor
Type : PWM Digital Signal

Measurement Characteristics
Accuracy : Better than +/-5% FSD on real sample
Resolution : Dependent on range setting, typically +/-2%
Repeatability : Better than +/-1% FSD on real sample
Measurement Principle : Light Attenuation
Wavelength/Frequency : 860 nm Infrared
Response Time : 0.5 seconds - damping provided by monitor
Pressure Rating (Depth) : 10 mWC
Flow Rate : Not affected by flowrate, avoid dead spots and extreme turbulence
Maximum Range : 0 - 20,000 mg/l
Minimum Range : 0 - 4,000 mg/l

Remote Programming : No

Installation Type : Dip, Flowcell or Stilling Tube
Mounting Shaft : 0.5 to 3 metres in 0.5 metre increments
Handrail Attachment : Part Numbers 160000 + 160080
Stilling Tube : Yes

EMC : EN61326:1998 EMC Requirements for Electrical Equipment for Measuring, Control and Laboratory use
EMC Directive : 89/336/EEC
Low Voltage Directive : 73/23/EEC
Machinery Directive : 89/392/EEC