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Soil Testing Analysis (MARTIN LISHMAN)

Soil-Testing-AnalysisSoil testing is a vital part of agricultural and horticultural management.  Martin Lishman’s soil test kits have been specially developed by Palintest to aid the farmer, grower or specialist in providing quick “on the spot” analysis of soil. The range covers basic needs such as pH, lime and NPK testing plus sophisticated soil management to measure a wide range of trace elements.



Soil-Testing-AnalysisSK 300 Soil Management Kit
The SK 300 is the ideal choice for soil management operations. Includes the basic tests for pH, lime, nitrate, phosphate and potassium, but extended with a range of tests to include calcium,
magnesium and soil conductivity. Containing the simple tester block and a pocket conductivity meter it provides comprehensive testing at a competitive price.


sk-400SK 400 Professional Soil Management Kit
The choice of the professional agronomist or soil chemist, the SK 400 is based around Soil Test 10 photometer for extremely accurate, colour
analysis of test liquids. Offering excellent accuracy for a field instrument, the SK 400 kit will reduce the need for costly off-site analysis of the critical parameters. The SK 400 includes all the features of the SK 300 plus the portable TDS and pH meters.


sk-500SK 500 The Complete Soil Kit
The complete soil analysis kit is suitable for both laboratory and field use and enables a full evaluation of soil to be carried out at a
fraction of the cost and time of laboratory analysis. The Complete Soil Kit outfit is supplied in a hard case to protect components and instruments and a separate shoulder case for reagents. There are sufficient extraction and reagent tablets for 50 of all the basic tests plus trace element tests for calcium, magnesium, aluminium, ammonia nitrogen, chloride, copper, iron, manganese, sulphate and conductivity. As well as the Soil Test 10 Photometer the kit includes portable TDS and pH meters.



We supply a wide range of meters to carry out various soil tests including pH, moisture and temperature.Equipment with other testing functions such as conductivity, TDS, ORP and trace element analysis is also available - please ask for details.

compos-temperatureCompost Temperature

Our Minitemp Digital temperature monitor & 1.5m stainless steel probe reads up to 110° - ideal for measuring compost temperature





soil-temperature-probeSoil Temperature Probe

Compost TemperatureOur Minitemp digital temperaturemonitor & 1.5m stainless steel probereads up to 110°C - ideal for measuringcompost temperature.






Professional Soil pHTesters

Heavy duty soil pHtesters with IP67waterproof casing,replaceable glasse l e c t r o d e a n dcalibration solution.

  • pH51 TesterRange: 0-14pHResolution: 0.1pHAccuracy: +/- 0.1
  • pHpH56 TesterRange: -2 to 16pHResolution: 0.05pHAccuracy: +/- 0.05pHAutomatic calibration &temperature compensation


Hand Sampling Auger





Hand Sampling Auger

 Overall Length : 35cm

sampling Depth : 20cm

Outer Diameter : 16mm

Inner Diameter : 14mm

Spherical Handle Diameter : 30mm

Weight : 15g


sampling-auger-foot-restSampling Auger with Foot Rest

Overall Length : 81cm

sampling Depth : 30cm

Outer Diameter : 20mm

Inner Diameter : 14mm

Weight : 15g



soil-sampling-hammer-headSoil Sampling Auger with Hammer Head

Overall Length : 81cm

sampling Depth : 30cm

Outer Diameter : 20mm

Inner Diameter : 14mm

Weight : 15g

Includes :

- Depth Markings every 10cm

- Reinforced hammering head

- Two part sharpened auger handle with rubber shell





 Automatic soil compaction testers help to identfy if compaction is a problem. They give answers to the questions you need to ask about your tillage methods and field conditions and help to avoid the potentially high cost of soil compaction.

soil-compaction-testerAutomatic Soil Compaction Tester

Soil compaction tester with built-in pressure gauge

Easy to read colour coded stainless steel gauge gives compaction pressure readings at different levels

Stainless steel probe with 3" graduations

Strong, moulded housing and handle

Supplied with two tips for firm soil and soft soil