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Rain Datalogger HD2013D (Delta OHM)



HD2013-D is a datalogger that has been specifically developed to capture and memorize weather and atmospheric precipitation trends. Together with the capacious memory, its long life Lithium battery guarantees remarkable recording capacity without it being necessary for the user to intervene.

The large display not only provides the total and partial precipitations in real time, in both millimetres and inches, but also the environment temperature. It is supplied with DeltaLog6 dedicated software, using which all the instrument’s parameters can be set. It is connected to the PC through an RS232C serial port using the cable supplied. HD2013-D can be connected to the most popular types of rain gauges using NC or NO output contact. For software installation and running, please refer to the documentation on the instrument’s accompanying CD-ROM.

Technical characteristics

Power Replaceable 3.6V type ½AA Lithium battery
Type of event recorded NC or NO contact that the program is able to select.
Ambient temperature at a fixed interval of 15’.
An alarm is generated (it can be disabled) if the contact
remains in an unstable condition for more than 3 seconds.
Resolution From 0.050 to 1.599mm/sample
Storage capacity 93000 samples (equal to 18600mm of rain with a resolution of
0.2mm/sample) 2 years of temperature with a fixed interval
of 15’
PC interface Insulated RS232C serial port – 9600 baud
Partial rain in millimetres or inches
Total rain in millimetres or inches
Environment temperature °C/°F
Operating temperature range -20°C ... +60°C
Protection degree IP67
Software supplied DeltaLog6