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Pressure Transmitter HD404T (DELTA OHM)

Pressure-Transmitter-HD404TThe series of HD404T transmitters is able to measure relative pressures with reference to the atmosphere or differential in their range from 50 to 1000 Pa (0.2” H2 O to 5” H2 O). HD404T transmitters use a silicon “micro-machined” type sensor compensated in temperature that has an excellent linearity, repeatability and stability over time.


Multifunction Datalogger DO9847 (DELTA OHM)

Multifunction-Datalogger-DOIs a multifunctional handheld board instrument and datalogger. It is provided with a 128x64 pixel (56x38 mm) graphic display and three independent inputs. Each input can be connected to one channel or two channel dual probes (ex. two thermocouples, relative humidity/temperature, etc.). The instrument automatically recognises SICRAM probes  connected to the input (memoryequipped and configurable intelligent probe).


Micromanometer - Thermometer HD2114P_0_2 (DELTA OHM)

Micromanometer-Thermometer-The HD2114P.0 and HD2114P.2, HD2134P.0 and HD2134P.2 are portable micromanometers for Pitot tubes with large LCD display. They are used to perform measurements in air conditioning, heating and ventilation. They measure the differential pressure measured by Pitot tube connected to the inputs of the instrument and achieve the speed and air flow in ducts or vents;


Manometer HD2304 (DELTA OHM)

Manometer-HD2304The HD2304.0 is a portable instrument with a large LCD display. It performs measurements of absolute, relative and differential pressure, and temperature. The PP471 electronic module is used to measure the pressure. The PP471 electronic module works as an interface between the instrument and the TP704 and TP705 series Delta Ohm probes.


Manometer - Thermometer HD2114.2 (DELTA OHM)

Manometer---Thermometer-HD2The HD2114B.0 and HD2114B.2 internal module measures the barometric pressure. The temperature is detected using immersion, penetration, contact or air probes, with SICRAM
module or direct 4 wire probes. The sensor can be a Pt100 or Pt1000. Temperature probes are equipped with SICRAM module and factory calibration data are stored inside so that when the instrument is on it soon recognizes them.

Manemometer - Thermometer HD2124.1.2 (DELTA OHM)
Manemometer---Thermometer-HHD2124.1 and HD2124.2 are two inputs portable instruments with a large LCD display. They perform measure of absolute, relative, differential pressure and temperatura. In order to measure the pressure you use the electronic module PP471 that works as an interface between the instrument and Delta Ohm probes series TP704 and TP705.


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