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Transmitter HD4807T_44877T_4907T (DELTA OHM)

Transmitter-HD4807T_4877T_4HD48.. and HD49.. series of transmitters measure temperature, relative humidity and dew point. Versions with only standard analog output or with only RS485 output with MODBUS-RTU protocol are available. The models with analog output provide a signal suitable for transmission to a remote display, recorder or PLC. The models with RS485 output are suitable for connection to a PC or PLC.


The models of the HD48.. series are active transmitters and accept both direct and 24Vac alternating power supply; they have standard current (4…20mA) or voltage (0…10V) outputs, or a serial RS485 output, depending on the model.

Technical specifications

Relative Humidity
Sensor Capacitive
Measuring range 0…100%RH
Accuracy ±2% (10..90%RH), ±2.5% outside
Repeatability 0.4%RH
Sensor working
-20…+80°C -40…+150°C
Measuring range -20…+80°C -40…+150°C
Sensor NTC 10kΩ Pt100 class A
Accuracy ±0.3°C (0..+70°C)
±0.4°C (-20..0°C, +70..+80°C)
Repeatability 0.05°C 0.05°C
Dew Point
Sensor Parameter calculated from relative humidity and temperature
Measuring range -20…+80°C DP
Accuracy See table TAB.1
Repeatability 0.5°C DP