Transmitter HD2817T (DELTA OHM)


Transmitter-HD2817TThe instruments of the HD2817T... series are transmitters, indicators, and ON/OFF regulators with data logging functions, they measure temperature and humidity. They are fitted with a graphic 128x64 backlit display. The main feature of these instruments is their interchangeable probe. The probe can be replaced by the user without process interruption. Thus, the probe can be calibrated or repaired at a later time.


Technical specifics (@ 24Vac and 20°C)


Temperature Sensor Pt100 classe 1/3 DIN

Working range of the
-50    ...    +200°C    (-58    ...+392°F)
Humidity Relative    humidity    %RH 0    ...    100%RH

Working range of the
sensor in temperature
-50    ...    +150°C    
Special    configurations    up    to    180°C    
available on request)

Dew point TD -50    ...    +100°C

Absolute humidity 0 ... 600g/m3

Mixing    ratio 0 ... 2000g/kg of dry air

Wet bulb temperature -50…+100°C
Accuracy of the
measured physical
Temperature Pt100 ±0.25°C
Relative    humidity    %RH ±2.5%RH    (10...90%RH)
±2.5%RH    in    the    remaining    field
Accuracy of the
calculated physical
See table in the
following chapter

Response    time
3min    with    grid    protection    (at    20°C    
and        0.5m/s)


Communications Type RS232C    and    RS485    Multidrop
Baud    Rate 9600 baud
57600    baud    non-permanent
Physical quantities Measured Temperature, relative humidity
Calculated Dew point, absolute humidity,
mixing ratio.
Number 3
Output types 4...20mA; 0...20mA
0...10Vdc;    2…10Vdc
Load resistance Current    output:    500Ω    max    
Voltage    output:    100kΩ    min
Resolution 16bit
Accuracy analog outputs ±0.05%    f.s.    @20°C
In case of measuring
error (exceeding of the
operating limits, faulty or
not connected probe,....)
Idc = 22mA
Vdc = 11V
Relay Control relay 2    x    3A/250Vac    Load    resistance,1 change-over contact
Alarm relay 1    x    3A/250Vac    Load    resistance,1 with normally-open contact