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Calibrator For Personal Air Sampler (STAPLEX)

Calibrator-for-Personal-Air-  Calibrates 100 cc to 30 LPM range using primary standard method with LCD readout
-  Made in U.S.A.
Calibrates both personal and area air samplers for flow rates up to 30 LPM based on primary standard method. Simply press a button on the durable, impact-resistant flow cell and the electronically calculated flow rate appears on a 4 digit LCD with an accuracy and repeatability of ± 0.5% at any altitude.

Calibration Kit (STAPLEX)

Calibration-KitStaplex® CKHV and CKHV810 Calibration Kits for Model TFIA, TFIA-2, TFIA-4 Series High Volume Air Samplers
• Assures accurate sampling
• US E.P.A prescribed method
• Fast, affordable procedure
• Portable and compact
• Available for use with two sizes of filter holder assemblies


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