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Microbial Air Sampler (STAPLEX)

Microbial_Air_SamplersStaplex® Model MAS-1 and MAS-1A Single Stage Microbial Air Samplers are designed to meet the specifications of the latest A.C.G.I.H. Bioaerosol Committee concerning sampling protocol and analytical procedures. The single stage design and verifiable low sampling flow rate minimize microorganism damage and allow efficient sampling and sterilizing. Spring retainers allow more samples to be taken in less time, with less culture damage.


LV-2 Low Volume Air Sampler (STAPLEX)

LV-2-Low-Volume-Air-Sampler• Accurate samples collected from immediate vicinity
• Line and Battery powered models
• Indoor, outdoor and underground use
• Compact, lightweight, portable
• Excellent for fast and nuisance dust and asbestos air sampling
• Made in U.S.A.


Inlet PM2.5 (STAPLEX)

Inlet-PM2.5• for use with Staplex® High Volume Air Sampling Systems
• separates thoracic particles smaller that 2.5 microns aerodynamic diameter
• Made in U.S.A.
The Staplex® PM2.5-SSI Size Selective inlet, used with Staplex® High Volume Air Sampler, 8" x 10' Filter Holder Assembly and Aluminum Outdoor Shelter and other
available accessories,


III Model HD-1003 (HAZ-DUST)

Haz-Dust-III-model-HD-1003The HD-1003 Real-Time Personal Dust Monitor is a completely portable package that allows true breathing zone measurements and comprehensive graph reporting. The product is designed for aerosol and dust monitoring for industrial Hygiene and Environmental air investigations. HD-1003 is individually worn and offers immediate determination and data storage of airborne particulate concentrations in milligrams per cubic meter.

HD-1100 (HUZ-DUST)

- Determining level of respiratory protection
- Survey of workplace for OSHA/EPA compliance
- Qualifying off site particulate migration
- Surveying for PM-10 and TSP levels
- Monitoring dust generation during drilling/excavation operations
- Evaluating dust suppression and engineering controls

FR-1 FLow Recorder (STAPLEX)

FR-1-Flow-Recorder• Provides a continuous written record of high volume air sampler flow rates
• Accurate to ± 2% full scale
• Includes 100 charts and pen
• Made in U.S.A.




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