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Sound Level Meter HD8701 (DELTA OHM)

Sound-Level-Meter-HD8701The sound level meter HD 8701 is a portable instrument, easy and quick to use, suitable for measuring industrial and civil noise levels. The noise levels can be read easily in dB (A) on the large liquid crystal display which also shows all the information concerning the mode of operation of the instrument.



One second after switching on and with a resolution of 0.1 dB, the digital reading gives the continuously updated value of the RMS sound pressure level, with a type A frequency weighting. The single range from 30 to 130 dB
further simplifies the use of the instrument, as the user does not have to change scale. With the keyboard the following operations are possible:
- selecting the response time constant S/F
- displaying the maximum value recorded “MAX” and zeroing it “RESET MAX”
- freezing the indication on the display “HOLD”.

- Measuring range: 30 dB (A)...130 dB (A)
- Frequency response: weighted A
- Time constants: S = slow (1 s) and F = Fast (125 ms)
- Resolution: 0.1 dB - Precision: class 2
- Display: 12 mm LCD with indication of operating mode and low battery
- Power supply: 9 V batteries
- Autonomy: (continuous duty) 15 hours with zinc-carbon battery, 30 hours with alkaline battery
- Working temperature: -5...+50°C
- Storage temperature: -20...+70°C
- Dimensions instrument: 80 x 160 x 40 mm
- Weight: 350 gr.