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GA2002_GA2003 Vibration Meters (CASTLE)

GA2002_GA2003_Vibration_MetGA2002 - General Purpose Pocket Vibration Meter
Reliable, repeatable and simple are three important criteria most people have when looking at taking vibration measurements. The GA2002 offers this on a plate and at a price unbeatable for what you get. This Instrument will give you all the fundamental vibration measurements in many of their variations using single key strokes.


This makes it perfect for general machine and bearing vibration monitoring as well as other general-purpose vibration measurements.

GA2003 - Pocket HARM (Hand Arm Risk Measurement) Vibration Indicator
Damage to the Hand and Arm through exposure to vibrating hand held power tools is rapidly becoming a major area of health and safety risk assessment. Up to now, the process of gathering data to support such a program has been both difficult and costly. The GA2003 will provide the data you need to calculate daily exposure as recommended in the HSE guide HS(G)88, for an individual employee. This is exactly what has been missing from the equation where Hand Arm Vibration is concerned

Specifications GA2002 & GA2003
Accelerometer: Piezo-electric (10pc/g)

Acceleration: 0.1 to 1000 ms-2 (0.01 to 100 g)
Velocity: 0.1 to 1000 mms -1
Displacement: 1 to 1000µm (Above in RMS or Peak and in 2 ranges)


Mechanical filter : 10Hz - 1KHz
Linear filter : 10Hz - 10KHz

Memory: non-volatile E2 PROM memory which holds calibration data plus storage of 9 spot results.
Keypad: 9 key tactile keypad
Standards: BS6842 Compliance with EMC CE marking
Display: 8 Character LCD Display
Parameters: Acceleration, Velocity, Displacement
Filters: Mechanical & Linear
Detectors: RMS and Peak
Displays: rms, Lmax, Lpeak, Lav -  Overload indication (flashing display) - Battery condition indication - Low battery (Flashing alternate display) - Hi/Lo range
Calibration: Simple calibration offset accessed from the keypad and stored in the non-volatile memory
Weight: 250g with batteries
Size: 135 x 62 x 30mm
Batteries: 1 x IEC No 6LR61 (Upto 40 hrs life with Duracel MN1604)

GA2003 Additional Specification
Parameters: HARM (Hand Arm Risk Measurement) replaces Displacement for use in the measurement of Hand Arm Vibration
Displays: Lav (Linear average value) Elapsed Time
Filters: HARM (Hand Arm Risk Measurement) filter as specified in HSE HS(G)88 publication, replaces the Linear filter