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Anemometer HD2103.1.2 (DELTA OHM)

Anemometer-HD2103.1.2The HD2103.1 and HD2103.2 are portable instruments with a large LCD display. They are designed for use in the fields of air conditioning, heating, ventilation and environmental comfort. They use hot-wire or vane probes to measure air speed, flow rate, and temperature inside pipelines and vents. Temperature only is measured by immersion, penetration or air contact probes.


AMI 300 - USA

AMI300-USATechnical features
Sensing elements
Pressure modules Piezoresistive sensor
Overpressure allowed ±500 Pa : 250 mbar
Overpressure allowed ±2500 Pa : 500 mbar
Overpressure allowed ±10,000 Pa : 1,200 mbar
Overpressure allowed ±500 mbar : 2 bar
Overpressure allowed ±2,000 mbar : 6 bar


Albedometer LPPYRA05_05 (DELTA OHM)

Albedometer-LPPYRA05_06Delta Ohm manufactures two different models of albedometers:
LP PYRA 05 is constructed starting from two 1st class* pyranometers and the LP PYRA 06 starting from two 2nd class* pyranometers (* according to ISO 9060 standards and to specifications published by the World Meteorological Organization).



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