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Photo Radiometer HD2402 (DELTA OHM)

Photo-Radiometer-HD2402HD2402 is a portable photo-radiometer data logger for the measurement of noncoherent optical radiation in accordance with European Directive 2006/25/ EC and the Legislative Decree No 81, April 9, 2008. The instrument consists of a series of sensors to cover different portions of the spectrum and a small laser which is used to indicate the analyzed source.


instrument specifications
Dimensions (Length x Width x Height) : 69x69x155 mm 74x74x155 mm with protective shell
Weight : 500 g
Materials : Aluminium alloy
Protective shell : Rubber

Operating conditions
Working temperature : -5 … 50°C
Storage temperature : -25 … 65°C
Working relative humidity : 0 … 85% RH no condensation
Protection degree : IP 64

Power supply
Power adapter (cod. SWD05) : 5Vdc/1A

Stored data security unlimited

Serial interface: output for connection to the PC using the USB cable CP24

Storage capacity: 96,000 recordings, corresponding to approximately 26 hours of continuous data acquisition.

Storage interval: fixed at 1 second.