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IAQ-Monitor-HD37AB17DHD37AB17D and HD37B17D are able to investigate and monitor the quality of indoor air. Typical applications are examining the air quality in buildings where there are crowds of people (schools, hospitals, auditoriums, cafeterias, etc...) and workplaces to maximize comfort and in general to see if there are small leaks of CO, with danger of explosion or fire.


This analysis allows you to adjust the air conditioning  (temperature and humidity) and ventilation (air change per hour) to achieve a double objective: to achieve good air quality in accordance with ASHRAE standards and current BMI and energy savings.

Technical Features
Dimensions : 275 mm x 45 mm x 40 mm
Weight : 230 g (batteries included)
Materials : ABS
Mains power supply (code SWD06) : Batteries charger 100-240Vac/6Vdc-1A
Batteries : Package with 2 rechargeable batteries 1.2V type AA (NiMH)
Autonomy : 8 hours of continuous working in measurement mode
Current absorbed instrument off with : 200µA
Instrument working temperature : 5°C ... 50°C
Working relative humidity : 5%RH ... 95%RH no condensed
Temperature / Storage humidity :-25°C ... +70°C / 10%RH ... 90%RH no condensed
Safety of the stored data : Unlimited

USB interface : USB 2.0 cable B type Baudrate 460800
Charger Batteries power supply (code SWD06) : 2 - poles connector (positive at the centre) Output voltage: 6Vdc Maximum current: 1600mA (9,60 VA Max).
Measuring rate 1 sample every three seconds
Storage capacity 20000 Records
Every records includes the following:
- date and time
- measurement of the carbon dioxide (CO2 )
- measurement of the carbon monoxide (CO- only HD37AB17D)
- measurement of the relative humidity (RH)
- measurement of the temperature (T)