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PT. mitrakatiga Sejahtera is a supplier equipment of GAS ANALYZER INDONESIA, deeply understand that the Gas Analyzer An instrumentation equipment is used to measure the composition and proportions of a gas mixture. A gas analyzer instrumentation equipment is used to measure the composition and proportions of a gas mixture.

Gas Analyzer at cement plants are usually installed in the inlet Kiln, Preheater Outlet, outlet coal mill before EP / Bag Filters. The purpose of the Gas Analyzer itself actually dipabrik cement for process optimization and process safety. As for the types of gas that is measured in the form of CO (Carbon Monoxide), CO2 (Carbon Dioxide), O2 (Oxygen), NOx and SOx.

The principle of our work as a equipment supplier of gas analyzer Indonesia is maintaining the quality of products, because how often Gas Analyzer Gas Sample retrieval methods are taken through the probe will go into each cell sample in turns where the gas sample will be compared with a standard gas transmission system through which the infrared will produce different wavelengths to be converted into an analog signal receiver (4-20) mA.

Model 376 Portable O2-CO-CO2-NOx Flue Gas Analyzer (NOVA)

Model 376 Portable O2-CO-CO2-NOx Flue Gas Analyzer The Nova 376 Series Portable Analyzers provide a detailed analysis of flue gas composition. They have been designed for accuracy, reliability, ease of use and service. The sensors respond quickly to the gases of interest present in the flue gas sample. Under normal conditions of use, the O2, CO, and NOX sensors each have a life expectancy of between 3 and 4 years, and are customer-replaceable. The CO2 sensor should not need to be replaced.

In operation, a built-in sample pump draws in the flue gas sample through the S.S. probe, 12 ft. (4 m) sample hose, condensate removal filter, secondary filter and flowmeter, and then on to the four sensors. The detected O2, CO2, CO, and NOX are displayed on digital meters which have a switchable backlight for use in dark areas. The sensors do not require special SO2 scrubbing chemicals as do some types of analyzers.

The Nova 376T version also indicates stack temperature for doing fuel efficiency calculations. The temperature sensor is built into the sampling probe. A rechargeable 'gel cell' battery provides enough power for about 8 hours of continuous operation and the gas analyzer indonesia can be used while it is being recharged. A red LED tells when to recharge and a green LED verifies that it is receiving recharging power.

Model 339 Portable Methane Leak Detector (NOVA)


This is an ideal method of measurement for leak detection because the sensor will not burn out or become 'blinded' as do some catalytic types. The Model 339 has rechargeable battery operation and has no warm-up wait. A built-in sample pump, hose, probe, and flow indicator are also provided. Built-in audible and visual alarms are included. The alarm set point is field-adjustable. LED lights tell when to recharge and verify charging. The recharger is included and supplied loose.

A rechargeable ‘gel cell’ battery provides enough power for the pump and electronics for about 20 hours of continuous operation. The analyzer may still be operated while it is being charged. A red LED indicates when to recharge the gas analyzer indonesia and a green LED indicates that it is receiving recharging power. The battery recharger is included with the analyzer. The detected O2 is displayed on an LCD digital meter that has a switchable backlight for use in dark areas. The analyzer is supplied with a 12ft. sample hose and either a sample pump or pressure regulator.

Model 321 Portable O2 Process Analyzer (NOVA)


The Nova 321 Portable Process Oxygen Analyzer utilizes a reliable, stable oxygen sensor which responds quickly to the oxygen present in a gas sample. Its life expectancy is between 3 and 4 years. The sensor is not affected by acidic gases such as carbon dioxide or sulfur dioxide and can operate in a background of hydrogen and many other gases. It is very easy for the customer to replace and at a reasonable cost.

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Equipment has always been an important part, having equipment that is technologically advanced gas analyzer can make the job easier. In terms of precision gas analysis, and the accuracy of the data becomes very important, therefore we as a supplier of gas analyzer Indonesia equipment very understanding so we always give priority to products that have the precision and accuracy of the data from the gas analyzer.