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Model 207 Portable Dew Point Analyzer (NOVA)

A built-in sample pump draws in samples that are of insufficient pressure from the process. The sample flow is shown on a small rotameter with valve. The analyzer then reads the dew point continuously.


For checking dew points of air, heat treat furnace gases, compressed air lines, and other applications with oils or contaminants present.

• Standard range of -40°F to 104°F (or -40°C to 40°C)
• Rugged design that is easy to operate
• Use on any non-corrosive gas
• Long-life dielectric polymer sensor
• May be calibrated in the field
• Bright digital readout
• Built-in sample pump, filter, and flow meter
• Suitcase style enclosure is standard
• Sensor easily replaced if contaminated
• Factory-calibrated to NIST traceable standards

• Recorder outputs of 0-1V or 4-20mA
• Calibration kit
• Rugged weatherproof enclosure (WP)
• Bench top enclosure (BT)

• Calibration is easily performed in the field using the optional calibration kit (Part no. NDPCK-02).
• Alternatively, the analyzer may be returned to Nova for a certified calibration


• 207K standard configuration: rechargeable battery and AC powered in suitcase enclosure
• 207WP optional configuration: rechargeable battery and AC powered in weather-proof enclosure
• 207BT optional configuration: rechargeable battery and AC powered in bench top enclosure


Method of Detection: Dielectric polymer sensor that changes capacitance with moisture variation
Ranges Available: -40°F to 104°F (or -40°C to 40°C) Dew Point
Resolution: 1°F (1°C) Dew Point
Accuracy and Repeatability: ±1°F (±1°C) Dew Points
Drift: Less than 1% of full scale per month
Response Time (T-90): Less than 30 seconds
Ambient Temperature Range: 0° to 120°F (-18° to 49°C)
Linearity: Better than 1°F (1°C) Dew Point
Size and Weight: K suitcase style - approx. 14" L x 6" H x 10½" D @ 12 lbs (35 x 15 x 26 cm @ 5.5 kg)
WP style - approx. 11½" L x 8" H x 7¼" D @ 8 lbs (29 x 20 x 18 cm @ 3.6 kg)
BT style - approx. 10" L x 10" H x 8" D @ 12 lbs (25 x 25 x 20 cm @ 5.5 kg)
Power: AC/DC operation. 115VAC 60 Hz for recharging (other voltages available)
Output Options: 4-20 mA or 0-1 VDC
Alarms: High or low dew point alarms with LED (optional)
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