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Model 339 Portable Methane Leak Detector (NOVA)
This is an ideal method of measurement for leak detection because the sensor will not burn out or become 'blinded' as do some catalytic types. The Model 339 has rechargeable battery operation and has no warm-up wait. A built-in sample pump, hose, probe, and flow indicator are also provided. Built-in audible and visual alarms are included. The alarm set point is field-adjustable. LED lights tell when to recharge and verify charging. The recharger is included and supplied loose.

For checking for methane, natural gas, or propane gas leaks from pipelines, tanks, or apparatus.

• Rugged design that is easy to operate
• Fast warm up and response
• Long-life infrared detector that provides accurate and stable readings
• Digital meter readout with backlight
• Cannot be 'blinded' by high concentrations
• Rechargeable battery operated
• Built-in sample pump
• Lightweight, compact and easy to use
• Weatherproof (WP) cabinet with clear lexan cover

• Recorder outputs of 0-1V or 4-20mA
• Suitcase (K) style cabinet available
• AC only power operation
• Gas alarm with LED
• Detachable/portable datalogger

• Ambient air for zero
• 100% methane, propane, or natural gas for span


Method of Detection: Infrared detector; cannot be burned out due to loss of flow or changing gases
Ranges Available: 0-100.0% methane, natural gas, or propane in air
Resolution: 0.1% methane, natural gas, or propane
Accuracy and Repeatability: ± 1% of full scale
Drift: ± 1% of full scale per week
Response Time (T-90): 90% of final reading in 8-10 seconds
Ambient Temperature Range: 55° to 120°F (12° to 50°C)
Linearity: ± 1%
Size and Weight: WP style - approx. 10" L x 7½" H x 6½" D @ 8 lbs (25.5 x 19 x 16.5 cm @ 3.6 kg)
K style - approx. 14" L x 6" H x 10½" D @ 8 lbs (35.5 x 15.2 x 26.6 cm @ 5.5 kg)
Power: AC/DC operation. 115VAC 60Hz for recharging (220VAC 50Hz available)
Output Options: 4-20 mA or 0-1 VDC
Alarms: Single audible & visual LED alarm with field-adjustable set point
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